2018 Alaska CTE Plan Addendum Released

View or download the CTE Plan Addendum here.

The 2018 CTE Plan Addendum was released.  A product of the Alaska Workforce Investment Board’s CTE Plan Working Group, the addendum seeks to re-energize the conversation around CTE and provide an advocacy tool to help ensure that CTE opportunities are available and communicated to Alaskans. 

Learn more about the Alaska CTE Plan at: http://www.alaskacteplan.com/.

Opening Doors to Help Dreams Take Flight

By Dec. 31, 2017, of the 609,306 total piloting jobs available in the U.S, 42,694 of those were held by women, representing seven percent of the total piloting jobs in the country, according to the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Annual U.S. Civil Airmen Statistics report. Additionally, in that report, the FAA totaled women working in aviation in non-piloting jobs — which includes everything from mechanics to dispatchers — to represent only 29.2 percent of the total jobs.

Girls in Aviation Day — an annual worldwide event hosted by Women in Aviation International (WAI) — is hoping to change these statistics and introduce young girls into the world of aviation early on, and help them discover the numerous career opportunities within the industry.

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Source: Opening doors to help dreams take flight – Green & Gold News; photos courtesy of Chris LaRue

New Team of First-year Advisors Lays Groundwork for Student Success

UAA’s First Year Advising Team, from L–R: Quentin Simeon, Valerie Robideaux, Valerie Svancara, Andrea Hudson, Kae Hartman, Sharon Pruszko, Tara Ballard, Jerry Brockman. (Photo by James Evans / University of Alaska Anchorage)

Transitioning into college can be stressful and overwhelming, but there’s a new team of professionals on campus to ensure new students have the tools and resources needed to make the most out of their college career at UAA.

Enter the First-Year Advisors (FYA). This newly created team is made up of advising professionals who are dedicated to helping new students feel welcome, connected and prepared.

Advisors can help students with anything from registering for classes, finding answers to questions, connecting with various campus and community resources, or just being a listening ear on particularly stressful days.

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Source: New team of first-year advisors lays groundwork for student success – Green & Gold News


Alaska November Economic Trends

NovTrends2018Each November, Trends estimates fish harvesting employment around the state. After a dismal 2016, jobs rebounded in 2017, with growth across most regions and species. Also this month is a look at injuries and illnesses in seafood processing, which has the highest rate among Alaska industries. The largest share of seafood processors in Alaska is in the Aleutians, whose eastern borough’s economy and population we profile in this issue.

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Source: Alaska Department of Labor & Workforce Development

University of Alaska Southeast, Dual Enrollment and Career Pathways in High Schools!

Let’s face it; many high school faculty members are overloaded with teaching core courses, so the thought of adding new curricula often brings a cringe to their faces and the beginnings of a migraine headache. What if high schools could offer new and exciting coursework without the cringing or the headaches? What if high school faculty didn’t even need to teach the content? What if all the resources (lectures, reading assignments, exams, etc.) were already available? What if students could take courses for both high school and college credit? What if it didn’t cost students money?

In spring 2017, the UAS Fisheries Technology program reinvented a way to offer courses that are:

  1. Engaging and technology-based,
  2. Use the latest educational pedagogy, and
  3. Can be delivered directly into the high school classroom with no internet required.

These courses were initially created for distribution on university supplied Apple iPads, but have since been finding their ways into many high schools throughout the state. Imagine “beaming” a college instructor directly into a high school classroom where the on-site high school faculty member is doing little more than facilitating progress through the course and fostering discussion points.

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Source: Association of Alaska School Boards