Alaska November Economic Trends

In November Trends: With the pandemic, the seafood processing industry faced a summer salmon season like no other. Also in this issue: Fish harvesting employment’s five-year trends, and what the consumer price index shows about deflation in 2020.

Source: Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

Alaska August Economic Trends

In August Trends, we detail the results of our annual rental market survey, estimate the income removed from Alaska’s economy by eliminating the federal supplemental unemployment benefit, and profile banks and credit unions from their beginnings to the challenges they face during the pandemic.

Source: Department of Labor and Workforce Development

Alaska June Economic Trends

In June Trends: This month we look at the oil industry’s history of employment swings and how this current round of losses differs. This issue includes an update on COVID-19-related job losses based on the first available detailed data, and on who received unemployment benefits in April as a result.

Source: Department of Labor and Workforce Development