UAF Receives $8 Million for Teacher Mentoring in Alaska

Photo courtesy Alaska Statewide Mentor Project­­­ The 2019-2021 Alaska Statewide Mentor Project participants gather for training at a 2019 fall startup meeting in Anchorage.

The University of Alaska Fairbanks has received a five-year, $8 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education to increase the reach and effectiveness of mentor-based teaching throughout Alaska.

The grant will expand the Alaska Statewide Mentor Project, which provides support for early-career educators.

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Source: UAF News and Information

Anchorage Teacher One of 4 Finalists for National Teacher of the Year

Alaska Native Cultural Charter School teacher Danielle Riha, center, was named the 2019 Alaska Teacher of the Year by the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development at an assembly on October 29, 2018. Anchorage School District superintendent Deena Bishop is at left, and the school’s principal Sheila Sweetsir is at right. (Marc Lester / ADN)

An Anchorage teacher is one of four finalists for this year’s prestigious National Teacher of the Year award.

Danielle Riha, 51, teaches seventh- and eighth-grade students at the Alaska Native Cultural Charter School in the Anchorage School District. She was named the 2019 Alaska Teacher of the Year in October. That put her in the running for this year’s National Teacher of the Year award as Alaska’s official nominee.

Riha was named one of four finalists in the national competition on Wednesday. A committee selected her from a nationwide group of 57 nominated teachers. It’s the first time an Alaska teacher was picked as a finalist for National Teacher of the Year since 1995, according to the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development.

“I feel really excited,” Riha said. “Not just for me, but for my school.”

This year’s other finalists are Donna Gradel from Oklahoma, Kelly Harper from Washington, D.C., and Rodney Robinson from Virginia, said a statement from the Council of Chief State School Officers, the Washington,D.C.-based nonprofit that runs the award program.

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Source: Anchorage teacher one of 4 finalists for National Teacher of the Year – ADN

Alaska Teacher to Join International Arctic Research Expedition


Photo courtesy of Moira O’Malley
Fairbanks teacher Moira O’Malley poses in front of the Arctic research ship Akademik Tryoshnikov, which she will live on for the next 55 days.

Oceanographers at the University of Alaska Fairbanks International Arctic Research Center embark this week for a 55-day research expedition in the eastern Arctic Ocean. This year, Fairbanks elementary school teacher Moira O’Malley will join the team.

“I am ecstatic about this opportunity,” O’Malley said.

O’Malley will write a daily blog, providing updates that are exciting, fun, and written to get youth interested and involved in Arctic research. Her second-graders at Watershed School in Fairbanks will be among many Alaska students and educators following along. Once a week, students will get to ask O’Malley questions about research and life on a 438-foot scientific vessel, the Akademik Tryoshnikov.

Source: Alaska teacher to join international Arctic research expedition – UAF News and Information

Teacher of the Week: Siray Abbey

Less than three years into her teaching career, Siray Abbey is already making a big impact in the Anchorage School District.

“It brings me so much fulfillment and so much joy. I love molding these little humans into good people,” explained Abbey.

A resource and special education teacher at Gladys Wood Elementary School, KTVA 11’s Teacher of the Week said she takes a holistic approach when it comes to teaching.

“I really try and connect with my students and create real genuine connections that impact them and make them feel loved and cared for when they’re here at school.” Abbey said making those connection has been the secret to her early success in the classroom.

“When they look at you and know that you care about them, they are so much more happier and so much more willing to learn,” explained Abbey.

Prior to working at Gladys Wood, Abbey spent two years at Nunaka Valley Elementary School teaching pre-school special education. She is currently in the process of getting her master’s degree at UAA and expects to graduate in 2018.

Source: Teacher of the Week: Siray Abbey – KTVA

Education Grad Named Alaska Teacher of the Year

Ben Walker ’06, a seventh grade science teacher at Romig Middle School in Anchorage, is the 2018 Alaska State Teacher of the Year. “I really enjoy the fact that every day is different. Every kid is different. Every kid is different every day.”

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Source: Education grad named Alaska Teacher of the Year – Green & Gold News