Alaska Sea Grant: COVID-19 Resources for Fishing Businesses

Alaska Sea Grant has online resources to help Alaskan seafood and fishing businesses respond to COVID-19-related issues. Included are webinars, a publication for managing business risk, and information on state and federal assistance programs.

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UAS student graduates with degree in Fisheries and Ocean Sciences

Kayla Drumm

Juneau, Alaska (KINY) – Kayla Drumm has the distinction of being the first graduate of the joint UAS/UAF Bachelor of Science in Fisheries and Ocean Sciences degree program.

Established in 2017, the Juneau-based program takes full advantage of faculty and resources at UAF, intimate class sizes at UAS, and the natural laboratory of Southeast Alaska.  Students in the program have numerous opportunities to engage in real-world science with top faculty, and easy access to the ocean, freshwater lakes and streams, the intertidal habitat, and wetlands.

“Growing up in Alaska, I have always been interested in marine life, especially fish,” notes Drumm. “I’ve always planned on staying in Alaska and have known I wanted to work in the fisheries field. I had originally enrolled in the Marine Biology Program. I started looking into the fisheries program and decided to switch to Fisheries in the Spring of 2018. It felt like a much better fit. Later that summer I found out I was pregnant with my daughter and the mix of in-person and online classes really helped me finish my degree and succeed. I would like to thank my family, friends, and professors for all the support and encouragement. I am very excited to have my degree in a field that I love and looking forward to where it will take me.”

Dr. Mike Navarro, the UAS coordinator implementing the program, remarked that it is gratifying working with colleagues at both UAS and UAF, seeing the joint degree grow from an idea into reality. Currently, there are 12 students in the program with new students expected to sign up for the fall semester.

“Many of these students share similar backgrounds as Kayla,” said Navarro. “They are working hard to earn this degree for themselves, and like Kayla, each brings with them a valuable perspective to fisheries science.”

Navarro congratulates Drumm, who he considers a trailblazer for this degree.

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Alaska Sea Grant: Young fishermen learn the business and management side of commercial fishing operations

Alaska Young Fishermen’s Summit participants at the Alaska State Capitol Building in Juneau. January 2020.

Fifty fishermen from around the state gathered in Juneau in January for the eighth Alaska Young Fishermen’s Summit (AYFS) for three days of training, networking and interacting with the Alaska State Legislature. Participants of the Alaska Sea Grant event were self-selected or sponsored by their fishing organization, skipper or CDQ group and came from Atka, the Pribilof Islands, Bristol Bay, Prince William Sound, Kodiak, King Cove, Homer, Sitka, Petersburg, Juneau, Anchorage, Girdwood, Fairbanks and Ester.

The goal of AYFS is to educate new commercial fishermen in the land-based aspects of running a sustainable commercial fishing operation. Topics this year included financial management, seafood markets, understanding the science and management of commercial fisheries, participating in the commercial fisheries regulatory process, and basic safety information. Over the three days, participants also developed valuable networks with each other and with industry leaders, which will serve them in their future businesses.

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Source: Alaska Sea Grant: Young fishermen learn the business and management side of commercial fishing operations

Alaska Sea Grant: New training program for aspiring fishing crew in Western Alaska

A student in an April 2019 training class for new fishing crew in New Stuyahok, Alaska, practices putting on a survival suit. Photo by Gabe Dunham/Alaska Sea Grant.

Alaska’s commercial fishing industry employs more people than any other industry in the state. Yet fewer young people are entering the industry, and resources are scarce to help aspiring crew members succeed, a concern that Alaska Sea Grant has addressed with the development of a new “Crew Class” training program.

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Source: Alaska Sea Grant: New training program for aspiring fishing crew in Western Alaska

Sikuliaq to embark on limited research cruise in May

Photo by Sarah Spanos The research vessel Sikuliaq, here in Seward, Alaska, will depart May 4.

Scientific operations will resume on the research vessel Sikuliaq for one week beginning May 4, preserving an unbroken string of 22 years of ecological data collection.

Special permission has been granted for a small team of researchers from the College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences at the University of Alaska Fairbanks to collect water samples in the northern Gulf of Alaska.

This will mark the first time a vessel in the U.S. Academic Research Fleet has been allowed to engage in research activities since COVID-19 grounded the fleet, which is coordinated by the University-National Oceanographic Laboratory System.

The scientists self-quarantined for two weeks prior to boarding the vessel, and are adhering to health mandates while conducting their research.

Rose Dufour, ship operations program director at the National Science Foundation, said, “NSF recognizes the difficult decision to move forward with science operations in these uncertain times, but we feel UAF has done an excellent job in assessing and mitigating the risks.”

UAF operates the Sikuliaq on behalf of NSF, which owns the vessel.

Source: Sikuliaq to embark on limited research cruise in May – UAF Cornerstone