Workforce Wednesday: Tourism in Bristol Bay

On this Workforce Wednesday we are taking a look at careers in tourism, specifically in Bristol Bay.

Alaska saw a record number of visitors this past year, and that number is expected to grow, especially in Bristol Bay, which is known for its world-class fishing and luxury lodges. There’s never been a  better time to try to jump into the tourist industry.

Most of the work is seasonal but covers a wide range of positions and opportunities: from pilots and tour guides, to maintenance and customer service– there are positions for a wide range of professional skills.

On average, an employee working in Bristol Bay tourism can expect to make around $10 an hour, with a lot of overtime included. With lodging covered, you won’t have to worry about losing income to rent.

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Alaska December Economic Trends

TrendsDec2017In December Trends, the Department of Labor and Workforce Development looks at 10 possible reasons unemployment insurance claims are at historic lows, which may seem counter-intuitive while the state is in a recession, and at how the unemployment insurance program performed in 2016. Also in this issue is a brief analysis of average wage growth across the state over the last decade, and an overview of Alaska’s population today and its historical growth patterns.

Read the December Alaska Economic Trends.

Source: Alaska Department of Labor & Workforce Development

Associate to Bachelor’s: UAA’s School of Nursing is Answering Kodiak’s Health Care Needs

UAA’s School of Nursing is undergoing a two-year expansion project, with the Kodiak Outreach Site next on the list. Associate Professor Margie Mete has been charged with transitioning the site’s associate program to a bachelor’s program.

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Source: Associate to bachelor’s: UAA’s School of Nursing is answering Kodiak’s health care needs – Green & Gold News

Workforce Wednesday: Young Fishermen’s Summit

Last week on Workforce Wednesday, a special event was highlighted that could jump-start your career in the Commercial Fishing Industry.

The event is the 2017 Alaska Young Fishermen’s Summit. Noah Sunflower with The Alaska Marine Conservation Counsel joined Daybreak to talk about the event.

“The summit will focus on building leadership and networking capacity in the Alaska commercial fishing industry through three days of intensive training,” Noah explained. “The program features industry leaders providing insights on fishing business management, the fisheries management process, and the role of Alaska seafood in the global marketplace.”

Although there won’t be opportunities to apply for work at the summit, the event will provide invaluable experience that will give anyone a leg up when looking to break into the industry, as well as give connections to help you find work.

The Alaska Young Fishermen’s Summit is December 6-8 at the Dena’ina Center in Anchorage.

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Automotive Dealers Bring Chrysler Training to Alaska

Want to work on the Dodge Challenger? Or a Jeep Wrangler? Maybe that rare winterized Maserati or Alfa Romeo?

Through a new partnership between Fiat Chrysler Automotive (FCA) and the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA), automotive students and current technicians now have greater access to the company’s wide fleet of vehicles without leaving the state.

The new partnership between the university and automaker will expand opportunities for students, save money for the dealerships, and meet a growing national need for technicians. Currently, Alaska’s Chrysler dealerships send technicians to training centers in the Lower 48. This program will start training students on FCA cars before they reach the dealerships, and allow current technicians to receive up-to-date training in Anchorage instead.

The partnership is a product of the National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3), a nonprofit that connects the dots between colleges and companies in transportation, energy and manufacturing. Through the new agreement, FCA gives the university access to web-based training programs typically available only to full-time technicians, and allows a UAA faculty member to earn certifications as an FCA trainer.

“If you want to work for Anchorage Chrysler as a service technician, you would have to do these training modules that we’re just basically going to integrate into our program” explained Jeff Libby, director of the university’s Transportation and Power Division. That saves time for students, and allows them to graduate with industry-recognized certifications. UAA already offers a similar track with General Motors. “It definitely means that they’re going to have employment opportunities,” Libby said.

The partnership will unfold in two steps. First, UAA will incorporate the automaker’s online training into its regular automotive curriculum. NC3 predicts students who complete the FCA online training—which keeps pace with new models and technology—will be able to perform 50 percent of warranty work in a service department by the time they graduate.

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Source: Automotive dealers bring Chrysler training to Alaska – Green & Gold News