Recordings and recap of the 2nd Alaska Mariculture Conference

Dave Bailey, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, presents to conference attendees. Photo by Arron Jones/Alaska Sea Grant.

The second annual Mariculture Conference of Alaska was held in Juneau, Alaska, on February 15–17, 2022. The conference was an opportunity for farmers, researchers, and professionals in mariculture-related industries and agencies to present and discuss a range of issues related to recent mariculture innovations, science, and activities in Alaska. This conference highlighted accomplishments and opportunities for industry growth, education, and research. Video recordings of most presentations are available on-demand at the Alaska Sea Grant YouTube channel—2023 Mariculture Conference of Alaska.

“Overall, this was one of the best conferences I’ve been to in a long time. It was clearly carefully planned. I look forward to attending next year. Kudos to the planning team!”

Conference Attendee

Read the full conference summary here.

Source: Alaska Sea Grant

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