Alaska CAN! 2020 Conference: Educational Equity

The 2020 Postsecondary Access and Completion Conference is a time for Alaskans to come together for a stronger Alaska. Together we can put Alaska’s students first!

Register to attend the 6th Alaska CAN! Educational Equity conference!

  • Early Bird Registration (before Jan. 11) – $250
  • Standard Registration (after Jan. 11) – $280
  • Student Registration – $175
  • Group Registration (5 or more attendees) – $230
  • Presenter Registration – $175

Submit a Breakout Session Proposal: Deadline Jan. 22!
Session suggestions (based on survey of postsecondary access program staff needs):

  • Skill-teaching
    1. Grant-writing 101
    2. Leadership Development
    3. Embedding Employability Skills in the Classroom
    4. Public Relations 101: Building Awareness of your program
    5. Collecting Data that Speaks to Funders
    6. Time Management 101
  • Structured Networking
    1. Myths about Education and How We Address Them
  • Best Practices Sharing
    1. How we survived the end of the grant
    2. How we successfully advocated for our budget to be restored/preserved
    3. How we developed a new business partnership

Source: Registration – Alaska CAN!

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