UA Press Releases Book About Women in the Alaska’s Oil and Gas Industry

WildcatWomenThe University of Alaska Press has released Wildcat Women: Narrative of Women Breaking Ground in Alaska’s Oil and Gas Industry by Carla Williams.

Wildcat Women portrays the personal accounts of fourteen women working in the frigid outback of Alaska’s North Slope oil fields. Leaving friends and families across the United States, they arrived to find a challenging climate in both the barren landscape and the traditionally masculine job. Working outside in 50-below-zero winds or inside warm offices, they share their extraordinary experiences. Enduring twelve-hour days for weeks without a break strengthened their resolve and reinforced their ability to transcend workplace gender roles. Like the 1800s westward movement, these women represent today’s pioneers as equal agents of progress in a new frontier.

For more information about this title and many more please visit or call (800) 621-2736.

Source: UA Press releases book about women in the Alaska’s oil and gas industry – Green & Gold News

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