Alaska November Economic Trends

TrendsNov2017Each November we estimate employment in Alaska seafood harvesting, which was down 5 percent last year, mainly due to losses in salmon fisheries.

Also in the November issue, we check up on Alaska’s breweries, which we reported in 2013 were growing rapidly and which have continued to grow despite the state recession. Alaska now has 35 breweries, even in communities as small as Skagway and Gakona, and more Alaskans are buying Alaska craft beer, even as overall beer consumption has decreased.

Also this month, Alaska’s workplace fatalities have continued a long decline that began in 1992, when we started the series. At that time, Alaska had the highest rate of workplace deaths in the nation, and as of 2015, fatalities have dropped almost down to the national level.

Read the November Alaska Economic Trends.

Source: Alaska Department of Labor & Workforce Development

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