Workforce Wednesday: Services at Remote Camps

On this Workforce Wednesday, we are looking at Remote Camps, where people work in Alaska.

These facilities tend to be far away from the general public, and what we’re looking at are the human services such as cooking, cleaning, and catering required to keep remote work camps in Alaska running.

We were joined by Kathy Benedetti, vice president of Human Services at Arctic Catering. She stated that a benefit of working in one of these camps is the amount of time off you could get, with most employees working two weeks on and two weeks off.

As far as who is hiring, Kathy stated that her company, Arctic Catering, is currently hiring. There are also numerous groups and camps looking for service employees regularly.

A high school diploma or GED is required for a position such as this. The pay is all above minimum wage, with hours typically being seven days a week and 12 hours a day.

If you need help getting started in a career or any industry we’ve featured on Workforce Wednesday, you can contact Martha Peck at Alaska Process Industry Career Consortium.

Watch the Workforce Wednesday segment here.

Source: Workforce Wednesday: Services at remote camps – KTVA 11 – The Voice of Alaska

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