Kodiak Summer Interns Benefit Seafood Industry

Three summer interns at the Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Center reported their project outcomes at a seminar in August. They worked on markets for nucleotide nutritional supplements from pollock, parasite control for seafood safety, and communicating seafood science to the public.

Alina Fairbanks used the internet to find more than 60 companies—large and small, domestic and international—that may be suitable for marketing nucleotide supplements made from Alaska pollock. Nucleotides are used as human nutritional supplements, feed for aquaculture and other animals and in infant formulas to enhance the immune system.

“This experience allowed me to play detective on the current nucleotide market, which is very different than doing research as an undergraduate student in a classroom,” said Fairbanks. “It has been a great experience learning the research process and understanding the marketing field.” She is earning her bachelor’s degree in the College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Her work was funded by the Pollock Conservation Cooperative Research Center.

Read the full article here.

Source: Kodiak summer interns benefit seafood industry | News | Alaska Sea Grant

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