ANSEP Summer Bridge

Incoming UAA Freshman Augustine Hamner and ANSEP COO Mike Bourdukofsky visit with Morning Line host Danny Preston. Credit Koahnic Broadcast Corporation

Recent East High School graduate Augustine Hamner spent her summer in an extraordinarily productive way – taking an advanced math course and working for a major corporation.

This was all part of Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program’s Summer Bridge component, which is the most recent step she’s taken with ANSEP to prepare her for college.

Augustine has been actively involved with ANSEP since the 8th grade. The confident & well-spoken incoming college freshman reminisced about building her own computer so many years ago, and plans to major in Mechanical Engineering when she starts courses in a couple of weeks at the University of Alaska Anchorage.

This summer, she got hands-on experience interning for BP. Augustine says she worked within an Integrity Management team of six chemical engineers, helping analyze corrosion data from pipeline inspection and maintenance devices called a Pigging Barrel and a Smart Pig. She also managed to squeeze in Calculus II, completing the course in just five weeks.

ANSEP Chief Operating Officer Mike Bourdukofsky says that through ANSEP, 26 high school graduates like Augustine had the opportunity to take a college math or science course while gaining career experience through paid STEM field internships.

Listen to the interview here.

Source: As Heard on Morning Line: ANSEP Summer Bridge | knba

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