Workforce Wednesday: Police and Fire at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport

Careers in Airport Police and Fire at Ted Stevens International Airport include rigorous training, multiple career paths and great pay. Not only that, but there are several requirements that need to be met for consideration.

Among some of those are having a relatively clean driving record, passing a drug screening, psychological evaluation and more. Applicants must also be 21 years of age or older, according to Catherine Scott, who is an officer. She added after all that, the person will move to the application process, which is “the easy part.” When landing the job, applicants starting out go through a year of training.

“Officers will go down to Sitka and go to the training with (Alaska State) Troopers down there. On the fire side we hold our training in-house,” says Lt. Danny Fetters with the department.

What makes this department different from Anchorage’s police and fire department is that it is a dual-certified department, meaning it handles both police and fire calls. In addition there are multiple different career paths that can be taken within the department, such as getting trained to join the water rescue team, explosive ordinance team, drug enforcement task force and more. Another unique element of working at the airport is that job seekers can expect to respond to aircraft emergencies as well as other calls within the airport community.

Job seekers will make $28.10 starting out. During a 14 month probation period, people can expect to make around $4,400 a month. Once that period is over, it increases to about $5,400, according to Scott. There is also a college degree incentive, which will raise the pay by a couple hundred dollars.

Prospective job seekers can apply at the State of Alaska website.

Source: Workforce Wednesday: Police and fire at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport » KTVA 11

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