Workforce Wednesday: Marine Coating

Marine coating is a profession that protects Alaska’s ships from corrosion, marine growth and more.

Mike Ritz, a co-owner of Alaska Marine Coatings, says there is a lot of surface preparation which means it’s a very physical occupation. He added that includes sandblasting, spraying, brushing, painting numbers and other job duties.

Because of Alaska’s vast amounts of coastline, Ritz said job seekers can find a lot of opportunities in marine coating within the state. He says jobs can found from the North Slope to the Kenai Peninsula.

People can expect to make anywhere from $25 to $35 an hour, depending on experience. The other co-owner of Alaska Marine Coatings, Tiffany Ritz, added there is a lot of opportunity for growth, depending on the certifications people acquire.

To find out how to get started, or just more information, visit the Alaska Process Industry Careers Consortium website. For more on Alaska Marine Coatings, head to their Facebook or LinkedIn pages.

To watch the full Workforce Wednesday segment, click here.

Source: Workforce Wednesday: Marine Coating » KTVA 11

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