Workforce Wednesday: Careers in Water and Wastewater Treatment

Alaskans looking for a job with transferable skills to Lower 48 can look no further than a career in water and wastewater treatment. The Alaska Job Corps offers free training that often takes around two years.

According to Greg Howard, the program is self-directed, so, it might take students less than that. Typically, he added, there’s a year of instruction in the classroom and then hands-on training. Howard said students will go out into the community and get tangible experience, all working towards a level-one license. Students can typically expect to make around $18- to $25 with entry level positions.

There are some requirements, however. Students are required to complete a drug screening test when they arrive at Alaska Job Corps and may be required to take a subsequent test. Howard mentioned a high school diploma is not required and there is a wait list.

To get on that wait list or learn more visit the Alaska Job Corps website. Additionally, you can visit the website for the Alaska Process Industry Careers Consortium.

Watch the full Workforce Wednesday video segment here.

Source: Workforce Wednesday: Careers in Water and Wastewater Treatment – KTVA 11

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