Kodiak Embraces Commercial Harvest of Kelp – KMXT 100.1 FM

Commercial seaweed farming could be the hot new industry in Alaska, and Kodiak is getting in on it.

Blue Evolution, a company from the Lower 48 that turns seaweed into pasta products, has partnered up with both Alaska and out-of-state groups to harvest and process the super food in Kodiak.

According to Blue Evolution, the first harvest of the year in Ketchikan yielded less than expected because of high winds and otherwise bumpy weather. They’re holding out hope for Kodiak.

KMXT went with commercial fisherman Nick Mangini out into the waters of Trident Basin in the City of Kodiak.

Somewhere just beneath the surface of the ocean, his seaweed is ready for harvest.

Read the full article here.

Source: Kodiak Embraces Commercial Harvest of Kelp – KMXT 100.1 FM

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