Workforce Wednesday: Miner Training

People looking for a career in mining and wanting to get hands on training can now get their hands dirty and learn employability skills. The Mining and Petroleum Training Service, which is a part of the University of Alaska, has a training facility 30 miles outside of Delta Junction. According to Bill Bieber, who’s with MAPTS, it’s a world-class facility.

“We have the underground facility with the under ground equipment that is also used in mines like Green’s Creek and POGO,” he said. Bieber added there are also two state-of-the-art simulators for students to use. One is for surface equipment, the other is for underground. What really makes the facility unique is that the training center is underground, and students have two weeks on and two weeks off. That makes the place “camp style”, in that respect, so that when people transition they can balance life skills with the work they do. In addition, it’s also so that they’re ready to get a job as soon as they graduate.

“We have over 90 percent placement in companies all over the state,” Bieber mentioned. He went on to say that it’s a great opportunity and that people who go through it do very well in the industry.

For more information, visit the Alaska Process Industry Process Careers Consortium website.

Watch the full video segment here.

Source: Workforce Wednesday: Miner Training | KTVA 11

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