Workforce Wednesday: Becoming a Veterinarian

From sled dogs and house cats to seals and bears, veterinarians in Alaska have a wide variety of animals to care for. The pay isn’t bad either. According to Martha Peck with Alaska Process Industry Careers Consortium, veterinarians make roughly $7,800 a month. Vet technicians make roughly $3,500 and assistants pull in $2,400.

Erin Earhart, a veterinarian with The Pet Stop, says the best way to get involved is to shadow at a clinic to see if it will be a good fit. One way to get involved is to start in an entry level position, like a receptionist, and work up from there. Jobs aren’t limited to just one field. Skills can transfer to Anchorage Animal Care and Control to retail space as well.

To get started in high school, King Career Center in Anchorage, and Mat-Su Career Tech High School are good places.

“The University of Alaska Fairbanks, in partnership with Colorado State University, has a program where you spend two years at UAF and go down to Colorado State to complete that degree,” Peck added. There are even online options available.

To explore this career and more, visit the Alaska Process Industry Careers Consortium website.

Watch the full video segment here.

Source: Workforce Wednesday: Becoming a veterinarian | KTVA 11

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