Workforce Wednesday: Millwrights

Millwrights are precision industrial mechanics that work on compressors, turbines and other heavy equipment. This field includes high paying jobs servicing equipment that keeps Alaska’s major industries, like fishing and mining, afloat.

Interested? The only place in Alaska to get trained is at Prince William Sound College in Valdez. The nationally accredited program is comprised of five modules as well as an internship and occupation endorsement certificate, according to faculty member Sharry Miller. She said people could further their education to advance into supervisory and managerial jobs. Millwright training also translates to other types of heavy industrial work, like power plant operators for instance.

People looking into this career can expect a salary from $70,000-$120,000 a year. Pogo Mine and Petro Star are currently hiring for these positions.

For more information, visit Alaska Process Industry Careers Consortium website.

Watch the Workforce Wednesday video segment here.

Source: Workforce Wednesday: Millwrights | KTVA 11

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