University of Alaska Transition Coalition

Have you ever wondered how your high school students can earn college credit? Or how Tech Prep and Dual Credit work? Or whether your school district has a Tech Prep agreement in place with the University of Alaska?

Find the answers to these questions and more at the new University of Alaska Transition Coalition (UATC) website!

UATC is a group of representatives from campuses all across the University of Alaska who partner with educators in their regions to bring college credit opportunities to secondary students.

Members of UATC meet regularly and are working to develop consistent processes statewide—whether that is aligning course content to postsecondary student learning outcomes, creating pathways to career and technical education goal completion, or developing articulation agreements among all educational partners.

Visit the website to review UATC’s operational framework, view Tech Prep and Dual Credit documents for school districts around the state, and identify the university staff person who can help your district implement Tech Prep or Dual Credit programs.

(The CTE brand logo, brand positioning theme and brand extensions are the property of NASDCTEc:)

Source: UATC | Workforce Programs

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