Workforce Wednesday: Success Stories

If you’ve watched Daybreak regularly, you’ve seen our Workforce Wednesday segment, looking to get Alaskans a great paying career right here in Alaska. Martha Peck with Alaska Process Industry Careers Consortium stopped by Daybreak to share some success stories.

One story came from a man in Ketchikan, who saw the segment and his daughter, who called Peck, to tell her if she had known that there was training for aviation technology, she wouldn’t have sent her son out of state.

“We have had people reach out to us from Unalaska,” Peck added. “People reach out to us from Western Alaska. So it’s showing us we are reaching out to the different facilities, employers and people who want to get jobs.”

According to Ashleigh Russell, an administrative assistant with APICC, most of the traffic coming through the organization comes after the segment airs. The most popular segment was where Daybreak showcased Iron Workers.

To watch the segment, click here.

Source: Workforce Wednesday: Success stories | KTVA 11 News | The Voice of Alaska

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