Workforce Wednesday: Becoming a Firefighter

There are more than a dozen new firefighters working in Anchorage the first week of July, as the Anchorage Fire Department ends its training academy. Now, it’s time to get ready for the next round of future first responders.

Wednesday, Cari-Ann Carty with Alaska Process Industry Careers Consortium and Alex Boyd, AFD’s assistant fire chief, joined Daybreak to talk about how to get started in a career as a firefighter.

“Well, it’s a fairly intense training, lasts about 14 weeks once we start,” Boyd said. “Then it lasts for about another year beyond that. You need a good, strong, solid work ethic and an ability to serve.”

Boyd says many recruits who make it through training will stay their entire career.

“It’s a family environment, a family lifestyle, and folks that start in there start to make connections throughout their career that they just don’t want to leave,” he said.

It takes 450 hours to get through the probation period and five years to reach journey level if you plan to become a firefighter. Salary starts at $40,000 and can go up to around $90,000, depending on training and certifications.

Hiring for Anchorage Fire Department

  • Announce test date: Aug. 2016
  • Seminars: Sept. – Nov. 2016
  • Testing: Jan. 2016

Salary Range

  • Entry level: $40k – $45,000/yr
  • Mid level: $65k – $75,000/yr
  • Experienced Journeyman: $80k – $90,000/yr

APICC Outreach Coordinator

  • Martha Peck
    (907) 770-5250

For more information on employment and training, visit APICC’s website.

Source: Workforce Wednesday: Becoming a Firefighter | KTVA Anchorage CBS 11

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