Workforce Wednesday: Social Service

It’s a career that allows you to impact someone’s future or even save a life. There are a lot of careers in social service available in Alaska right now. One organization hiring is Covenant House, which provides services to homeless and at-risk youth.

Carlette Mack, the COO of Covenant House, joined Daybreak to talk about the field and how she got started. She said her career means more to her than money. It’s rewarding and there’s a lot of room for growing.

“We offer a variety of difference positions from direct care,” she said. “We have staff that would directly with the youth one on one we have staff who work in our development department who help us raise the funds for our mission, we have executive level positions such as myself the chief operating officer and i oversee all the programs we offer at the covenant house.”

Salary Range

  • Entry level: $15/hr
  • Mid range: $50,000 – $80,000/yr
  • Experienced: $120,000/yr

Who’s Hiring

  • Covenant House
  • South Central Foundation
  • Department of the Interior
  • Cook Inlet Tribal Council
  • Providence Health Center

APICC Outreach Coordinator

  • Martha Peck
    (907) 770-5250

For more information on employment and training, click here.

Source: Workforce Wednesday: Social Service | KTVA Anchorage CBS 11

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