UAS Ketchikan Regional Maritime Career Center Hosts Young Student Groups

UAS Ketchikan_OutreachUAS Ketchikan invites younger students to campus on a regular basis to encourage them to explore potential careers in maritime, power technology and welding.

On February 25, Boy Scout Troop 4 visited the UAS Ketchikan Regional Maritime and Career Center to use the ship navigational simulator. The scouts are taking part in the High Adventure Program which provides them the opportunity to spend 2 weeks at sea in the Bahamas.  UAS Ketchikan Assistant Professor of Marine Transportation Claire Fine and Marine Transportation Program Coordinator Diana Chaudhary had them practice docking and undocking in Thomas Basin and conning a vessel in the Wrangell Narrows.

UAS Ketchikan’s ship simulator has recently been upgraded to a Class-A status and is available for mariners in Southeast Alaska to rent. UAS Ketchikan has navigational simulation from Puget Sound to Cook Inlet.  UAS Ketchikan_Outreach2

On March 4, UAS Ketchikan Regional Maritime and Career Center hosted Revilla High School students.  Students learned about the various programs available at the center and had a chance to use the ship simulator, the hydraulic training and try their hand at a little welding.

Learn more about maritime training here.

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