Workforce Wednesday: Auto Tech Careers

Automotive technicians and specialists are who companies turn to when repairs are needed for fleets of vehicles. Even the Municipality of Anchorage needs them for its vehicles, as do used car lots and rental car companies. According to the Alaska Process Industry Careers Consortium, there are plenty of jobs out there with decent pay.

“The pay can range depending on how much training you have had,” said APICC spokeswoman Cari-Ann Carty. “Lower entry-level positions are about $28,000 a year. Moving into more experienced and more training, $40,000 to $60,000 a year. And the operations manager’s side, that type of thing, over $100,000 a year. It can be quite lucrative.”

One of the best facilities to get training for this field in Alaska is the University of Alaska Anchorage.

UAA Training Programs

  • Automotive Technologies
  • Undergraduate Certificate: one to two years
  • Associate Degree: two to three years
  • B.S. Applied Tech Management: four to five years

Companies Hiring

  • Municipality of Anchorage
  • Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson
  • Alaska Transport
  • General Motors (GM) Dealers
  • Kenworth Alaska
  • Holland America Cruises

APICC Outreach Coordinator

  • Martha Peck
    (907) 770-5250

For more information on employment and training, click here.

Source: Workforce Wednesday: Auto Tech Careers | KTVA Anchorage CBS 11

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