Workforce Wednesday: The sheet metal trade | KTVA Anchorage CBS 11

If you’re creative and like working with your hands, while making more than $20 an hour, then you may want to consider taking up a career in the sheet metal trade. It’s part of Alaska’s $7.3 billion construction industry

Earlier this month, Cari-Ann Carty with the Alaska Process Industry Careers Consortium and Jim Letts, President of Sheet Metal Incorporated, joined Daybreak to talk about the industry. Heating and ventilation type of work is what you find most in Alaska. It also includes welding and industrial fields like shipbuilding. Letts said it’s more than welding.

“It’s a fabrication for ventilation systems,” he said. “We have things that we build from scratch from a flat piece of metal to a 3D object, of course there’s architectural sheet metal. It’s multifaceted.”

Pay Range

  • Entry Level: $21/hr + 5% raise every 1,000 hours
  • Journeymen: $41/hr + $23 per hour in benefits

APICC Outreach Coordinator

  • Martha Peck
  • (907) 770-5250

For more information on employment and training, click here.

Source: Workforce Wednesday: The sheet metal trade | KTVA Anchorage CBS 11

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