SitNews: Fisheries students participate first hand as halibut catch limits for 2016 are set

Some Fisheries students have first hand experience in fishing boats … but only rarely do students get a chance to listen, interact, and even influence the outcome of official fisheries management deliberations. This was the experience of a recent Fish Tech class at the University of Alaska Southeast Sitka.

Recently, Professor Joel Markis traveled to Juneau with a group of students enrolled in a Fisheries Policy course. Each year, the course syllabus calls for students to attend a different type of management meeting. This year, Markis and his students attended the International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC), alongside 360 other participants from both the US and Canada.

“It’s great when students can actually become a part of their course subject, beyond just learning about topics in the classroom,” commented Professor Markis. “I think of this as an example of us being true to our mission of coupling hands on learning with distance delivered coursework.”

Read the full article here.

Source: SitNews: Fisheries students participate first hand as Halibut catch limits for 2016 are set

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