Tourism Could Prove Bright Spot in Alaska’s Dark Economic Outlook

Many sectors of Alaska’s economy are bracing for a downturn as oil prices drop and lawmakers try to solve a $3.5 billion budget deficit. But Anchorage’s tourism industry may have less to worry about.

That was the main message delivered by Julie Saupe, the CEO of Visit Anchorage, at a luncheon hosted by the city’s nonprofit marketing organization on Thursday to deliver its annual report.

“Tourism is on the rise … we are anticipating a good year,” Saupe said.

The Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development projects the leisure and hospitality sector in Alaska — which includes hotels, restaurants and bars — to grow by 300 jobs this year, with about 200 of those in Anchorage.

That’s on top of 700 jobs added in the sector across the state last year. Read the full article here.

Source: Alaska Dispatch News

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