Workforce Wednesday: Careers in Logistics

In Alaska, logistics is more than just working for FedEx or UPS. It means everything from food to fuel, cars and clothes coming through the Port of Anchorage.

More than 85 percent of all Alaskans receive goods through the port. In short, logistics is the art and science of time, space and location.

Jana Lage, deputy director of Alaska Process Industry Career Consortium, joined Daybreak for Workforce Wednesday to talk about the field and jobs available across the state.

One of the companies currently hiring is Lynden International.

“They’re looking for everyone from warehouse people to pilots and it’s a great career. Once you get your foot in then you can diversify a little bit,” Lage said.

Salaries in logistics can range anywhere from $15 to $40 an hour.

To learn how you can get started, watch the video here.

Source: Workforce Wednesday: Careers in Logistics | KTVA Anchorage CBS 11

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