New Grant RFP for Secondary & Postsecondary

A new grant opportunity is available via the Title IIB Math & Science Partnership.  This grant is for teacher/administrator professional development only, and will focus on the interface between Math, Science, and Career and Technical Education.  Projects will prepare Alaskan teachers and building administrators to develop strategies, units, and ways of thinking that incorporate CTE principles into STEM coursework, and STEM principles into CTE classes to further Career and College Readiness.

Only eligible partnerships may apply for this grant.  An eligible partnership includes:

  • A high-needs LEA (as defined on page 4 of the RFP document; full list of qualifying LEAs in Appendix A, page 11)
  • A postsecondary institution (representative of the department of math and/or science)
  • May also include non-high-needs LEAs, postsecondary departments of education, non-profits, or businesses; however, these are not required.

Total funding for the program is $700,000 for FY17.  EED expects to make 2-3 grant awards of $200,000 to $250,000 each.  Grants are funded for one year (FY17), with the possibility of a second-year of no-cost extension should a grant have carryover funds (FY18).  Continued funding of the grant for further years may be possible pending the availability of federal funding.  Awards will be made solely on merit and the responsiveness of the proposed activities to grant objectives.

The fiscal agent for the grant shall be an LEA in the state of Alaska.  (This may be either the high-needs LEA or a non-high-needs LEA partner.)

All projects must include an evaluation and accountability system designed to measure participant knowledge and skill acquisition via standardized pre-/post-tests.

An informational webinar about the RFP will be hosted via WebEx on March 8th from 3:00-4:00 PM.

You may download a copy of the RFP at

All questions can be directed to the program administrator:

Bjørn Wolter, Ph.D.
Career & Technical Education
Alaska Department of Education & Early Development
Source: Alaska Department of Education & Early Development – Career & Technical Education

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