Registration is Open: 65% by 2025 – Alaska Can!

65 ​%​ by 2025 – Alaska Can!

You are invited to participate in the “65 by 2025 – Alaska Can!” Alaska Postsecondary Access & Completion Network Conference! Register now.

The Network is committed to “65 by 2025,” which is to increase the percentage of working-age adults holding a high-value certificate, college degree, or other industry-recognized credential to 65% by the year 2025. The 2016 Alaska Postsecondary Access & Success Network Conference is a time for Alaskans from all walks – education, business, public service – to unite and work together on increasing the number of Alaskans enrolling and succeeding in postsecondary education. Postsecondary education includes apprenticeships, industry-recognized licensure, workforce credentials, certificates, and degrees.

We are currently seeking session presenters.  Share your knowledge, facilitate a needed conversation, or offer an interactive workshop.  More info.

Learn more about the conference, taking place March 22-23 at the Downtown Anchorage Marriott.

Source: Alaska Postsecondary Access & Completion Network – Registration | Online Registration by Cvent

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