RFP RELEASE: Perkins Postsecondary Implementation Grant

The RFP for the Perkins Postsecondary Implementation Grant has been released.  This is a competitive grant for postsecondary credit offering institutions only.

You may download the RFP directly from the EED Forms & Grants webpage at: https://education.alaska.gov/forms/CTE/05-16-031.pdf.  Submissions are due to EED via ctegrants@alaska.gov by 4pm on April 22nd.

Please note that while EED had hoped to facilitate budgets via the GMS system, it didn’t work out due to high costs.  Therefore, you will need to submit budgets via Form 05-13-052 available here: https://education.alaska.gov/forms/CTE/05-13-052.xlsx

There will be an informational session on the RFP during the EED/CTE Spring Workshop in Anchorage, February 4-5th.  If you need more information on this meeting, please contact Thomasina Anderson at thomasina.andersen@alaska.gov.  There will also be a webinar scheduled later in spring.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact:
Bjørn Wolter, Ph.D.
Career & Technical Education
Alaska Department of Education & Early Development

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