Internship Opportunity at University of Alaska on the RV Sikuliaq

SikuliaqThe MATE Center and the University National Oceanographic Laboratory System (UNOLS) are pleased to announce that they are accepting applications for the 2016 MATE/UNOLS six-month internship through January 6, 2016.

Please share this with undergraduate students or recent graduates from an undergraduate program who you think would be interested and qualified.  Applicants must be ready to enter the job market in the field of marine technology with academic studies complete or near complete.  This is an incredible opportunity to work onboard a research vessel and be exposed to a wide range of technology and equipment. Flyers are available by contacting Nandita Sarkar, MATE Internship Coordinator, at

Location: R/V Kilo Moana at University of Hawaii and R/V Sikuliaq at University of Alaska

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