UAA’s Kachemak Bay Campus of Kenai Peninsula College Hires Maritime Technology Program Coordinator


UAA’s Kachemak Bay Campus of Kenai Peninsula College is proud to announce that Marshall Bullock has been hired to serve as Kachemak Bay Campus’s new Maritime Technology Program Coordinator. This new position will enable KBC to more effectively meet employer and industry demand for workforce development training, skills upgrade training, and continuing education in the vessel maintenance and repair trades and maritime operations industries by developing and coordinating a wide variety of job training classes.

KBC’s goal is to along with other statewide training providers and maritime industry businesses, begin to meet the goals of the State of Alaska Maritime Workforce Development Plan, a plan to support a strong, sustainable maritime workforce. This position is funded through a FY ’16 grant from UA’s Technical Vocational Education Program (TVEP) using funds that come from unemployment taxes paid for by state employers. Upcoming KBC  training classes will focus on Marine Electronics, Deck-hand Training, DC Electrical Systems, Vessel Systems, Skiff-handling, Outboard Engine Repair, USCG license preparation, etc.

Marshall served over 24 years as a Boatswain’ Mate in the USCG with 15 years sea service in Alaskan waters and has worked as a commercial fisherman, licensed USCG Master and Mate, charter operator and experience in oil field operations and spill response. He is a certified AMSEA and boat operations instructor and knowledgeable about vessel repair and maintenance. He is trained in the following areas: International Ice Management Operations and Risk Mitigation Training; Tactical Boat Operations Instructor; U.S. Coast Guard Vessel Compliance Inspector Training; Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer Academy, Management and Leadership training and US Coast Guard Dynamic Positioning school. After retirement from USCG, Marshall worked for Shell Ice Advisor TransOcean POLAR PIONEER and MSV NORDICA, Ocean Marine Services Inc. and SEA MARSHALL SERVICES Inlet vessel training (2011-2013).

You can reach Marshall Bullock at

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